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“The Japanese Eye” exhibition

The Japanese Eye

The Japanese have been cultivating sophisticated “sense of beauty” throughout its history. It meant cutting out scenes of daily life and watching it with fresh perspective; which gave birth to the little joys of discoveries in their everyday routine. However, rapid globalism and modernization have allowed these preciously raised senses sink into oblivion.


matohu have been presenting collections of clothes titled “Japanese Eye”; a total of 17 chapters in 8 years. The harmony of its modernity in design and traditional sense of beauty have collected high appraisal not only in the fashion industry, but throughout the world.


This exhibition shows an art installation of different Japanese aesthetics combined into a form of “Japanese Garden”, and pieces of clothing shaping its idea.
Please come and enjoy finding hints of discovery and abundance in your everyday life.


2020.1.8 (Wed)-22 (Wed)

Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F)


Free entrance


Exhibition Special Releases

1.Limited sale of rare NAGAGI (*matohu’s icon piece) archive collection.


2.Limited edition of the book “Japanese Eye” with Japanese binding, on sale. (250 copies)
*simultaneous release of special “completion kit” for archive invitations and direct mails.


3.Japanese style confectionery collaborated with HIGASHIYA.


4.matohu original soundtrack album “matohu oto” by Masato Hatanaka available on CD/for download.


5.“Japanese Eye” special tote bag and OZABU (*Japanese cushion) collection made out of matohu’s original textile.



Related Events

1.Panel session featuring matohu designers Hiroyuki Horihata & Makiko Sekiguchi

“What is Japanese Eye?”

1.11(Sat)14:00-(max.30 seats, reservation required/for free)



2.Gallery tour by matohu designers

1.12(Sun), 1.13(Mon) 14:00-(max. 15 people each/for free)



3Live concert performed by Masato Hatanaka “matohu oto”
1.18(Sat) 15:00-(max.30 seats, reservation required/for free)
Live performance by the musician who have been creating matohu’s fashion show music. The sound of matohu surrounds the exhibition hall!



4.matohu NAGAGI tea party

1.19(Sun) 13:00-, 14:30-,16:00-

(max. 12 people each session, reservation required/ \4,000)

matohu designers will serve Japanese tea along with special confectionery made by professional craftsman from HIGASAHIYA during the event. No dress code is required, but if you happen to own a NAGAGI-we appreciate for you to wearing it to this party.



For reservation:matohu Omotesando



“Japanese Eye” archive fair is launched at matohu Omotesando store during this exhibition period. Please enjoy observing our selected collection pieces!


Coming soon…2020 Autumn

“Japanese Eye” exhibition will be held at Hankyu Umeda Honten 9F!