matohu matohu



matohu (pronounced ma-tou) has two meanings.
One is the Japanese word matou, which refers to clothes softly draping or wrapping the body.
The other is matou, the volitional form of the Japanese verb for wait (matsu) with the meaning of “let’s wait.” Instead of consuming and discarding things, matohu calls on people to wait until their own sense of aesthetics has matured.
With the concept of creating new clothes that sustain the Japanese sense of aesthetics, matohu offers designs born from the history, culture, and terroir of Japan in original styles authentic to the Japanese experience.


2005 Launched matohu. Started participating in JFW from 2006~ , and presented at the Tokyo Collection.
2008 Designed the uniform for the Japanese pavilion in the World Expo held in Zaragoza, Spain.
2009 Received the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix New Designer Award and the Shiseido Sponsorship Award.
Presented at the Asia Fashion Federation Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam.
2011 Presented the 'matohu Beauty of the Keicho' exhibition at the Spiral Garden hall in Minami Aoyama.
Opened a flagship shop at Omotesando.
Launched a fashion show for Hiroshi Sugimoto in Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art.
2012 Held the 'matohu the Japanese Eye: Finding the Beauty Concealed in Everyday Life' exhibition in the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.
2013 Presented International Wool Mark Prize, Japanese delegate.
2020 Held the exhibition “The Japanese Eye” at Spiral (Tokyo)
2021 Moves from Omotesando, reopens as “matohu Tsubakiyama”


photo: Martin Holtkamp

Hiroyuki Horihata, after finishing Graduate School at the Doshisha University, and Makiko Sekiguchi, after graduating from the Kyorin University, both took the Men's Design course offered under the Apparel Design program in the Bunka Fashion College.
1998 After graduating, both worked for 5 years as pattern makers at COMME des GARCONS and Yohji Yamamoto respectively.
2003 Both resigned and moved to UK and started working for London based designer Bora Aksu's 04-05 A/W collection.
2005 Launched own brand matohu and started participating in JFW from 2006.
2009 Received the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix New Designer Award and the Shiseido Sponsorship Award.

matohu knows and values the patterns that are indispensable for making clothes and carefully crafted language, and produces creations that speak unwavering truths using originally designed textiles.